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Firearms And Weapons Offences Lawyers

Firearms and weapons offences

At Repute Law, our Senior Lawyers are well-versed and highly experienced in legal cases regarding weapons and firearms. Our lawyers have extensive and long-standing experience in successfully representing clients charged with a myriad of criminal offences including firearm and weapon charges.

We are senior legal professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of navigating firearms and weapon offences. See the difference a Senior Defence Lawyer can make to protect your position, future and reputation.

We specialise in firearm and weapon charges that are in addition to or alongside of:

Trust an experienced team of firearm and weapons senior lawyers to represent your best interests in a criminal Court of law. Phone Repute Law at 1800 888 228 to discuss the details of your charge with a Case Concierge™.

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We are very different

Typically, traditional law firms have expensive offices, layer upon layer of partners and associates, not to mention company cars and lots of long lunches. Guess who pays for all of that? Yes, you do—the client. At Repute Law, we think this approach is just plain wrong, so we take an entirely new approach. We truly value our clients, and we keep all our company expenditures as low as possible so that your money is spent on what it needs to be spent on—the best Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and legal advice to get you the best outcome. If you have been charged with a firearms and weapons offence, you know we will look after you in every way possible, both legally and financially.   

The serious impact of your charge

Firearms and weapons laws are strict, and penalties can be severe as the Court has no or little tolerance for illegally having firearms or weapons. The consequences can involve a criminal conviction and record and consideration of a term of imprisonment.

If you are charged with a firearms or weapons offence, you need to appoint a specialist firearm charge defence lawyer as soon as possible. The professionals at Repute Law have the experience and know the intricacies of the law to give you the best possible defence during your trial.

Time is of the essence when it comes to firearms and weapons charges. That’s why Repute Law will commence work and represent you immediately after you instruct us. We work hard to explain what’s going on in plain English and ensure that you’re treated fairly inside and outside of Court. Our goal is to build firm foundations for a strong defence so you get the best possible outcome.

Do you have a court date?

What we believe

You will understandably be worried and distressed if you are charged with a firearms or weapons offence. This can be a daunting and challenging time. Repute Law believes that every client deserves the highest quality legal representation, which is why we´ll appoint one of our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers to your case. We will work tirelessly on your behalf, analyse the case from every angle and sift through the evidence to support your claims.

Fixed Fees

We also believe in offering a fixed fee service, so there is certainty in the cost of the legal work we provide for you and transparency—no unexpected hidden fees or bias costs based on your occupation or postcode. As our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers work remotely, you will not be paying for an expensive office or unnecessary overheads. 

You’re never assigned an inexperienced junior lawyer, only a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer

We go above and beyond to ensure you will get the care and attention you deserve. As well as always being assigned a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers, never a junior lawyer, every Repute Law client is supported by their designated Case Concierge, which is unique to Repute Law. The Case Concierge will monitor your case giving you regular updates by phone, text and email, so you’re never left in the dark, wondering what is happening. The Case Concierge will also regularly check in with you to make sure you are kept up to date with everything. 

Firearm Charge Defence Lawyer

Repute Law provides trustworthy, fixed-fee representation in Court so you can focus on personal matters while we handle the legal complexities. Our firearm and weapons defence lawyers have the experience needed to navigate such charges as:

  • Unauthorised possession or use of firearms
  • Unauthorised possession or use of prohibited firearms
  • Possession of an unregistered firearm in public
  • Dangerous use of a firearm or speargun
  • Making or supplying explosives
  • Using or possessing weapons to resist arrest
  • Possession of dangerous articles other than firearms
  • Firing at a house or building
  • Unauthorised manufacture of firearms

Allow yourself to seek the help and assistance you need to navigate the complexities of a firearm or weapons charge. The Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers at Repute Law are standing by for you to call and discuss your case anytime.


Some of Australia’s most common firearms and weapons offences include unauthorised possession or use of firearms, possession of an unregistered firearm, the dangerous use of a firearm, or possession or use of a prohibited weapon.

The first thing you need to do after receiving a firearm charge is to set up legal representation as soon as possible. A Senior Lawyer needs to review all aspects of your case, and steps can immediately be taken to improve your position. To get started, contact Repute Law at 1800 888 228.

The Court is extremely concerned about illegal firearms and weapons in the community, so bail can become an issue for the more serious charges. If you are in custody or on bail and the conditions are unworkable, the team at Repute Law can file a bail application or bail variation. Contact us today to learn more. 

You can discuss the nature of your case with a Senior Firearms Lawyer from Repute Law today. Any firearms or weapons offence is serious as it impacts your reputation and can result in serious sanctions in Court.

Different types of firearm and weapons cases come with different penalties. The circumstance of your offending, including the type of weapon involved, where it was located, whether it was loaded, any explanation given by you and your personal history, criminal record and personal circumstances will all affect the penalty. A Firearms Lawyer from Repute Law can help you better understand your case and the outcome that is attainable for you.

The prosecution must prove you possessed or used a firearm and this was done in a way that was not authorised under licence or permit, or you did not have a valid firearms licence at the time. Depending on the specific charge, there will be additional matters to prove — for example, you discharged the firearm. Additional details and answers to specific questions can be answered by our Senior Firearms Defence Lawyers.

Pleading guilty means you accept all the elements of the charge. Before taking this step, we strongly advise you to consult with a Senior Lawyer from Repute Law. Our lawyers may be able to identify an issue with the police case which means it should not proceed and you do not have to answer the charge. In an appropriate case, an early guilty plea is advisable as it can give up to a 25 % discount on the sentence, which can mean the difference between a good outcome and a poor one.