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Property Offences Lawyers

Property offences

Repute Law is a leading criminal law firm. Our Senior lawyers have extensive and long-standing experience in representing clients charged with property offences. 

Contact Repute Law today to discuss your case, whether you’ve been charged with any property offence, including stealing or larceny, damaging property or threatening to damage property. Our lawyers for property offences will fight hard and have successfully defended clients against a full spectrum of property charges that are associated with or conjoined to: 

You can start working on a property charge defence, appeal or bail application by contacting the team at Repute Law today.

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We are very different

Typically, traditional law firms have expensive offices, layer upon layer of partners and associates, not to mention company cars and lots of long lunches. Guess who pays for all of that? Yes, you do—the client. At Repute Law, we think this approach is just plain wrong, so we take an entirely new approach. We truly value our clients, and we keep all our company expenditures as low as possible so that your money is spent on what it needs to be spent on—the best Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and legal advice to get you the best outcome. If you have been charged with a property offence, you know we will look after you in every way possible, both legally and financially.   

The serious impact of your charge

Property crimes are serious charges, and a conviction can have severe consequences for your reputation, ability to travel and employment opportunities. You may also face a prison sentence. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself. 

Getting access to legal representation at your earliest opportunity gives your legal team time to plan the best defence strategy. At Repute Law, we have a team of Senior Larceny Lawyers who can help you build a defence from the ground up. We can also help you manage your needs and budget with our fixed fee rates and affordable legal representation.

Do you have a court date?

What we believe

We understand that being arrested or accused of a property offence can be a stressful and challenging experience. So, we will guide you through every step of your case, clearly explaining your rights and options.

We believe that a combination of experience, knowledge and compassion are the foundations of an effective defence against property offences. So we´ll assign one of our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers to your case. With your liberty, future and reputation at stake, you need expertise on your side.


Fixed Fees

We also believe in offering a fixed fee service, so there is certainty in the cost of the legal work we provide for you and transparency—no unexpected hidden fees or bias costs based on your occupation or postcode. As our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers work remotely, you will not be paying for an expensive office or unnecessary overheads. 

You’re never assigned an inexperienced junior lawyer, only a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer

We go above and beyond to ensure you will get the care and attention you deserve. As well as always being assigned a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers, never a junior lawyer, every Repute Law client is supported by their designated Case Concierge, which is unique to Repute Law. The Case Concierge will monitor your case giving you regular updates by phone, text and email, so you’re never left in the dark, wondering what is happening. The Case Concierge will also regularly check in with you to make sure you are kept up to date with everything. 

Our Senior Larceny and Theft Lawyers

You deserve the best possible representation for your property offence charge. That’s why Repute Law goes the extra mile to prepare you for the road ahead. In addition to providing Case Concierges™ and timely, proactive communication, we also have a Court Ready™ program to prepare you for appearances in Court.

Our Senior Property Defence Lawyers are ready to assist at any time. Whether you’re facing a minor accusation or a serious charge, we can help you build a portfolio of evidence against:

  • Shoplifting
  • Larceny
  • Malicious damage of property
  • Burglary
  • Arson
  • Damaging or desecrating protected spaces
  • Graffiti
  • Using a motor vehicle without consent

Fight for your best interests and defend your rights by hiring a Senior Larceny Lawyer from Repute Law. You can reach our professional team at 1800 888 228 so we can begin working on your case immediately.


Larceny and theft are the most common types of property crimes. Offences such as shoplifting, threatening to destroy property, vandalism, and damaging protected spaces can all fall within property offences.

Deliberately destroying someone else’s property is a criminal offence in every state and territory. If the damage caused cost less than $2000, the maximum penalty in the Local Court is 2 years imprisonment and/or a $2,200 fine. If you are charged with more serious types of destroying or damaging property, your case may be heard in the District CourtThe penalties available are determined upon the value of the property damaged.

Legal representation should be your first course of action after receiving a property damage charge. You may speak to a professional at Repute Law to get a breakdown of your case and a summary of your next steps.

Bail for a property damage charge is likely dependent on the severity of the case and the likelihood that the accused appears in Court. You may or may not be eligible, depending on the circumstances and amount of damage caused and your personal history and circumstances. Learn more by calling our legal hotline at 1800 888 228.

You should immediately consult with Repute Law. Our experienced Senior Lawyers can assess the case and with their many years of experience can guide you with the best way forward and the likely outcomes.

There’s a whole range of penalties available, from a Section 10 dismissal to a term of imprisonment. Consult Repute Law today so we can start working on your case immediately to get you the best possible outcome.

For you to receive a conviction for a property offence, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you intentionally or recklessly caused property damage to another’s property.

The Court is obliged to consider your guilty plea, entitling you to up to a 25% discount on your sentence. Before considering this, we strongly advise you to consult with Repute Law so an experienced Senior Defence Lawyer can review the evidence and determine if the police have sufficient evidence to require you to answer to the charge.

Your case’s outcome can potentially have significant consequences on your life. Protect your position, reputation and liberty using a Repute Law Senior Lawyer. Our experience and knowledge can make a difference to get you the best possible outcome.