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Representation At Police Station

If you are due to attend a police interview or have been arrested, it´s vital you’re represented by an experienced Specialist Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer. What you say or don’t say while being questioned can determine what will happen to you in the long term.

A police interview is often one of the most significant aspects of a criminal case, and all are recorded. Their purpose is to gather evidence that may be used to prosecute those alleged of a crime—therefore the legal consequences can be serious. Getting the right advice at this stage is crucial. It’s important to remember that you have the right to refuse to do a police interview as you have the right to silence.

An interview at a police station can be a worrying and harrowing experience, especially if you haven’t been arrested before. Understandably, people are anxious about what they may be asked and whether it is in their interests to answer questions. We’ll not only reassure you during this challenging time but also ensure you are aware of all your legal rights. Just because the police are making allegations doesn’t mean there is sufficient evidence to prove the charge in court. What you say may provide them with that additional evidence to charge you.

At Repute Law, our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers have extensive experience advising and attending suspects at police stations accused of various offences. We offer a personalised approach to every case, ensuring each client has the best representation possible. We’ll inform you of your rights, explain the powers of the police, discover more about the case against you and recommend the best course of action. 

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Decisions made during the interview can be the difference between avoiding charges or winning your case if it goes to trial. Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer at your side prevents you from accidentally incriminating yourself or making a mistake that could be used against you.

Whether you intend to deny or accept the allegations, legal representation is the best way to protect yourself.

Do the police want to interview you?

Seven reasons why you should always have a lawyer for a police interview

  • To protect your rights
  • To know more details about the allegation before being questioned
  • To understand what is happening
  • To ensure you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself
  • To explain your case in confidence to someone on your side
  • To receive advice on whether to answer questions
  • To ensure that nothing you say is misconstrued
  • To secure your release after interview

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