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Hoon Offences Lawyers

Hoon offences

Repute Law is a leading criminal law firm whose Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers have extensive and long-standing experience representing clients charged with hoon offences. Our Senior Lawyers are well experienced and have a history of successfully defending clients against hoon charges.

Why choose Repute Law’s hoon driving lawyers?

At Repute Law, our hoon driving lawyers understand how stressful it can be when faced with a driving charge. That’s why we make it our number one priority to provide you with all the support you’ll need during this time. 

At Repute Law, we have Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers who specialise in hoon driving offences, including:

  • Driving at dangerous speeds
  • Drag racing
  • Speed and street racing
  • Being involved in a police pursuit
  • Doing burnouts

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A personalised approach to every case

We understand that no two cases are the same. That’s why our hoon driving lawyers work tirelessly to protect your rights and interests and will help you get the best outcome in your case. We provide each client with the individualised attention, clear advice and sympathetic support they deserve. We are here to service and protect the legal interests of those we represent and do so by offering a tailored approach to each case. You can be confident of receiving the best legal representation possible when it comes to our hoon driving lawyers.

The serious impact of your charge

Hoon offences are when motorists deliberately drive vehicles recklessly and dangerously, including doing burnouts or doughnuts, racing other vehicles, being involved in a speed trial or trying to break a speed record. The offences are serious and carry severe penalties such as immediate licence suspension, fines, disqualification and imprisonment. Police may even impound your vehicle and confiscate your number plates. If you repeatedly commit serious driving offences, you may have your vehicle forfeited.

If charged with a hoon offence, you should take the advice of our hoon driving lawyers as early as possible. The earlier you engage a specialist lawyer, the more likely they’ll be able to achieve a positive outcome. Your driving licence and potentially your liberty are too important to leave in the hands of non-specialists.

Do you have a court date?

A proven track record of results

Our hoon driving lawyers really excel at what we do. Our lawyers’ past outcomes and results include:

  • Early withdrawal of charges
  • Dismissal of charges
  • Securing Section 10 non-convictions
  • Negotiating facts/downgrading of charges
  • Fine reductions
  • Avoiding licence suspensions and disqualifications
  • Avoiding prison terms
  • Securing the return of impounded vehicles

Prepare you for Court 

If your case goes to Court, your Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and Repute Law Case Concierge® will ensure you are Court Ready®. Repute Law creates this unique process to ensure our clients know what to expect and how to behave in Court.  

Fixed fees with no hidden costs

Our hoon driving lawyers offer fixed fees with no unpleasant hidden extra costs — no unexpected hidden fees or bias costs based on your occupation or postcode. We give you 100% certainty about your case costs, so there is certainty in the cost of the legal work we provide for you and transparency. As our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers work remotely, you will not pay for an expensive office or unnecessary overheads. 

We run a lean firm that spends every dollar of your fee on providing top-notch legal advice without the unnecessary standard legal corporate trimmings. Typically, traditional law firms have expensive offices, layer upon layer of partners and associates, not to mention company cars and lots of long lunches. Guess who pays for all of that? Yes, you do — the client. 

We think this approach is just plain wrong at Repute Law, so we take an entirely new approach. We truly value our clients and keep our overheads as low as possible to spend your money on the best Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and legal advice to get you the best outcome. If charged with a hoon offence, our hoon driving lawyers will look after you in every way possible, legally and financially.

Our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers have the experience you need

Being charged with a hoon offence can be daunting and distressing. A conviction can have far-reaching consequences, so our hoon driving lawyers are here to help you fight the charges against you. High-quality legal advice and representation by an experienced and specialist lawyer is the absolute minimum you should receive. That is why we will assign a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer with expertise in hoon offences to work on your case. A good outcome for you is far too crucial for your life. Unlike other criminal law firms, we never use inexperienced junior lawyers.

We go above and beyond to ensure you receive the care and attention you deserve. Your designated Case Concierge®, unique to Repute Law, will monitor your case, giving you regular updates by phone, text and email, so you’re never left in the dark, wondering what is happening. The Case Concierge® — a lawyer — will regularly check in to ensure you remain updated every step of the way.

Hire a hoon driving lawyer from Repute Law 

Hiring a competent and experienced hoon driving lawyer can be the difference between a favourable resolution and significant consequences when charged with hoon driving. At Repute Law, our lawyers have the expertise, dedication and proven track record of defending your rights and achieving the best possible outcome. Don’t leave your future to chance — choose a hoon driving lawyer from Repute Law and secure the representation you deserve. If you have any queries, contact our team, who will gladly assist you. 

Lawyers who specialise in different driving offences 

At Repute Law, we have a range of lawyers who are experts in different fields regarding driving offences. These include:


Hoon driving is when you engage in dangerous and reckless driving behaviour, including:

  • Speed racing
  • Doing burnouts or doughnuts
  • Drag racing
  • Driving at dangerous speeds
  • Being involved in a police pursuit

The prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you committed antisocial and dangerous behaviour when driving a motor vehicle. They will do so by calling evidence of the alleged driving to establish that you were operating a motor vehicle recklessly or dangerously, often characterised by excessive speed, dangerous overtaking or other reckless behaviours on the road. They must demonstrate the driving posed a risk to public safety and was done intentionally or with a disregard for the safety of others. Evidence such as witness testimony, video footage or police observations is used to support the case.

Penalties for hoon driving offences include fines, licence suspension, vehicle sanctions or even imprisonment, depending on the type of hoon offence and penalties. Your vehicle can be impounded for up to three months, and you must pay storage fees to get it back. For a second offence, your vehicle may be sold. 

Our senior hoon driving lawyers are well versed in hoon driving offences and what can be done to get you the best possible outcome, protecting your licence and reputation. Whether it be advising you on your options in taking an infringement notice to Court, negotiating and downgrading charges that you are facing, pleading not guilty or putting together material to increase your chance of a non-conviction on a plea, our lawyers are here to help.