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Voluntary Police Interview

Have you been invited to attend a voluntary police interview? You must know that anything you do or don’t say during the interview can be used against you in a Court of Law. As a result, it’s wise to have a Specialist Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer present to offer you representation at the police station

What is a voluntary police interview?

A voluntary police interview is the process of formal questioning by the police, often at a police station. It’s important to note that you are not under arrest and can leave at any given time. Since it’s a voluntary interview, you can refuse to attend, but this may prompt the police to arrest and charge you. 

A police interview is one of the most vital parts of a criminal case and is recorded for the police to use as evidence later to prosecute those accused of a crime. This means the legal consequences can be severe. It’s normal to feel anxious about saying the right thing or what you might be asked. The last thing you want is for your nerves to get in the way during questioning. 

Repute Law’s Specialist Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers will ensure you know your legal rights during this time and provide you with the best representation possible. 

Do you have a court date?Do the police want to interview you?

How we can help

Just because the word “voluntary” is used doesn’t mean it’s a relaxed chat that you should be unprepared for. Police are highly trained in their interview techniques, which can be intimidating and overwhelming, particularly if this is your first voluntary police interview

An invitation to a voluntary police interview could indicate that you’re suspected of being involved in a crime. The police are collecting evidence and building a case, so you should always seek legal representation to avoid saying anything that may impact the proceedings. 

When you hire our knowledgeable team of Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers, you can expect extensive experience advising and attending to suspects at police stations. We will arrange the voluntary police interview on your behalf and attend with you, advising you on what to say and what not to say. 

Seek representation for your voluntary police interview with Repute Law 

With the right preparation and legal advice, a voluntary police interview is your best chance at avoiding prosecution and associated implications. 

Repute Law lawyers have represented clients in over 30,000 cases and have a long history of success when serving our clients. Should your case go to court, our Criminal Charges Lawyers are here to help build your criminal defence case and secure the best possible outcome. Explore our costs for police station attendance — we give you 100% certainty about your case costs and charge fixed fees with no hidden extras. 

For all other matters, including driving and traffic-related offences, or if you’ve received an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), reach out to our team today — they would be more than happy to assist.


During a voluntary police interview, you’ll be invited to attend a police interview, often at a police station, without being under arrest. You have the right to decline the invitation, which could result in police arresting or charging you. You’re advised to seek legal representation to be present during the interview. 

When notified about a voluntary police interview, immediately contact a lawyer for advice and representation. This ensures you are informed about your rights and potential implications before the interview.

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