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At Repute Law, we specialise exclusively in criminal and traffic law and are recognised as go-to experts in the field. Boasting a team of senior criminal lawyers, we are a powerhouse of knowledge and experience who will guide you through the complex criminal justice system.

Executive Team

Michael Gleeson

Principal & Founder

Our founder Michael Gleeson is one of Australia’s most experienced, trusted and respected criminal lawyers.

He holds a Bachelor of Law, a Bachelor of Education and a post-graduate Diploma in Criminology. Since being admitted to practice in 1993, he has dedicated his entire legal career to criminal defence, appearing in courts all over Australia.

Over the years, Michael has handled thousands of cases covering just about every crime imaginable. They range from minor traffic offences to major crimes involving some of Australia’s most notorious offenders. He has served as a Prosecutor and was a lecturer on the Police Prosecutors Training Course.

An articulate and persuasive advocate, Michael was sought out by the National Nine network in 2007 and featured in The Code: Crime and Justice. This groundbreaking reality TV show followed and filmed Michael as he handled real cases in Court.

In his over thirty years in the legal industry, Michael has observed how clients’ funds are often squandered on needless overheads like sumptuous offices and bespoke furniture. Seeing a chance to transform the way legal services are delivered and using his wide-ranging legal and business acumen, he has created a new type of law firm.

It’s one that eliminates unnecessary overheads and prioritises client needs. Unlike many other firms, Repute Law doesn’t treat you like just another number in a relentless pursuit of quotas and profits.

Michael understands that any interaction with the police or a court appearance can be extremely stressful. He will use his expertise and understanding to provide you with the best advice and support throughout the entire process. This may mean aiming for a complete acquittal, negotiating with the Police to have charges dropped or downgraded, or robustly putting your case before the Court to avoid a conviction or loss of licence.

With his deep knowledge of the legal system, Michael will represent you with skill and determination. He is passionate about defending the rights of his clients.

Don’t delay—why place your future or reputation in anyone else’s hands?

Tania Russo

Senior Lawyer & Practice Manager

Since the start of her legal career, Tania has been driven by a strong commitment to providing a highly professional, compassionate and unbiased legal service. Having worked in jurisdictions where defendants are judged harshly by the colour of their skin, ethnicity and sexuality, she has witnessed the devastating impact of inadequate, careless and prejudiced legal representation.

During her time in New Orleans, she worked at the Louisiana Crisis Assistance Centre, assisting attorneys representing death row inmates and those serving life sentences. While they worked tirelessly to scrutinise evidence that could potentially exonerate their clients, the poorly resourced judicial system was stacked against them. It highlighted the stark contrast between defendants with the financial means to hire competent legal representation and those without.

Tania’s experiences in the United States profoundly impacted her belief that anyone who takes an oath to practice law should do so with compassion, integrity and without bias. Fair representation should not be a privilege of the few but affordable to all.

Tania has seen first-hand how unfairness and injustices tear lives apart. Not only from her professional experience but also from friends and relatives who have fought legal battles. She has observed the devastating impact that expensive legal fees can have, compounded by the lack of sympathy from peers, family and legal professionals. Consequently, she approaches her clients and their situations with great respect and consideration, treating them the way she would want a lawyer to treat her family.

Tania was admitted as Solicitor in 2001 and has since worked in various roles within various organisations ranging from Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation (a partner of the Cape York Land Council which provides business opportunities to Cape York Aboriginal businesses), a clerk with the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions, and then a career in general practice litigation ranging from civil and commercial litigation as well as holding business management roles in small and large businesses.

Throughout her career, Tania has worked to achieve the most beneficial outcomes for her clients, regardless of whether they work in the private, not-for-profit or ASX-listed sectors. Her approach is first to understand each individual’s circumstances, be their voice and then work towards the most optimal solution.

Her values of inclusion and diversity, as well as open-mindedness and non-judgmental attitude, enable her to provide a confidential, professional and respectful service to clients. She is committed to helping people navigate challenging situations in the most uncomplicated and stress-free way possible.

Case Concierges

Melissa Cossetto

Melissa, a Solicitor since 2011, completed a Law/Business (Marketing) degree at the University of Western Sydney. With diverse experience, she worked in a traditional law firm and as a remote phone solicitor across Australia.
She is known for handling various legal cases, excelling in family, criminal, civil, personal injury, and immigration law. Melissa’s client-centered approach involves actively listening to understand unique issues, offering tailored solutions for the best outcomes.

Melissa prioritizes providing clear legal advice, simplifying complex concepts to ensure clients comprehend their rights and options. Respectful and inclusive, she upholds high ethical standards while delivering exceptional services.
Her ultimate goal is to empower clients, aligning legal solutions with their best interests.

Consultant Senior Defence Lawyers

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