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Drug Driving Lawyers Sydney

Drug driving offences

Drug driving offences can be laid if you drive with the presence of any illegal or illicit drug in your system. They can lead to a loss of licence. Police can charge you with a drug driving offence if a roadside drug test detects illegal drugs in your system. There is no requirement that your driving is impaired by the consumption of drugs. 

Repute Law lawyers have successfully defended clients facing a range of drug driving offences. Our expert knowledge has saved thousands of drivers from disqualification as well. With a track record of successful outcomes, you can be sure you’re getting the best legal advice.

In addition to support for drug driving offences, we offer fixed fee legal services for the following traffic charges:

If you’re looking for legal representation in your drug driving charge, you can trust the team at Repute Law to defend your rights in Court. We invite you to contact us today at 1800 888 228 to speak with a Senior Drug Driving Lawyer in Sydney.

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We are very different

Typically, traditional law firms have expensive offices, layer upon layer of partners and associates, not to mention company cars and lots of long lunches. Guess who pays for all of that? Yes, you do—the client. At Repute Law, we think this approach is just plain wrong, so we take an entirely new approach. We truly value our clients, and we keep all our company expenditures as low as possible so that your money is spent on what it needs to be spent on—the best Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and legal advice to get you the best outcome. If you have been charged with a drug driving offence, you know we will look after you in every way possible, both legally and financially. 

The serious impact of your charge

A drug driving offence is a serious matter. If convicted, you will be disqualified from driving. You may be fined or even be given a community corrections order or intensive correction order. For serious traffic offences involving drugs, you can also go to prison. A conviction can also have far-reaching consequences beyond your sentence. You may struggle to find work or hold a job, and you will be immediately precluded from certain professions or job sites. In the future, you may experience financial hardship and have trouble travelling overseas to countries like the USA.

Therefore, if you are charged with a drug driving offence, you must seek expert legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. The sooner you involve a specialist drug driving lawyer, the more likely you are to get a favourable result in your case.

Drug driving (driving with drugs in the blood or saliva) is a relatively new offence, and it is crucial you are aware of your position. Unlike a DUI (driving under the influence) charge, the prosecution isn´t required to prove that having the drug in your system caused you to drive less safely. A conviction can be secured if you simply had the drug in your saliva or blood, regardless of whether the drug is illegal, bought over the counter or prescribed by a doctor.

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What we believe

Being charged with a drug driving offence can be a frightening experience but Repute Law can help you. We believe that every one of our clients deserves the same level of service and expertise. If you instruct us, your case will be handled by a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer, not a junior staff member. There is a lot at stake, so you need an experienced legal expert specialising in drug driving offences.


Fixed Fees

We also believe in offering a fixed fee service, so there is certainty in the cost of the legal work we provide for you and transparency—no unexpected hidden fees or bias costs based on your occupation or postcode. As our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers work remotely, you will not be paying for an expensive office or unnecessary overheads. 

You’re never assigned an inexperienced junior lawyer, only a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer

We go above and beyond to ensure you will get the care and attention you deserve. As well as always being assigned a Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers, never a junior lawyer, every Repute Law client is supported by their designated Case Concierge, which is unique to Repute Law. The Case Concierge will monitor your case giving you regular updates by phone, text and email, so you’re never left in the dark, wondering what is happening. The Case Concierge will also regularly check in with you to make sure you are kept up to date with everything.

Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer

If your case goes to court, your Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer and Repute Law Case Concierge will ensure you are Court Ready. This is a unique process created by Repute Law to ensure our clients know what to expect and how to behave in court.

At Repute Law, we have Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers who specialise in drug driving offences, including:

  • Driving with a relevant drug in the blood or saliva. Relevant drugs are THC (cannabis), MDMA (ecstasy) and methylamphetamine (meth, ice, speed)
  • Driving under the influence of a drug
  • Refusal or failure to undergo a drug test
  • Failure to provide a blood or urine sample or change the result of the drug in the blood before testing
  • Failure to provide blood or urine sample by a driver involved in a fatal accident



A drug driving offence is driving a motor vehicle with the presence of an illegal substance in the blood, saliva or urine. Driving after consuming drugs like cannabis, ecstasy or MDMA, cocaine and methamphetamine may lead to a drug driving conviction.

If you are convicted of a drug driving offence, you will lose your licence and also incur other penalties such as fines or, in a serious case, imprisonment. There’s a chance you may incur other far-reaching consequences, including the loss of your job or the inability to travel overseas to certain countries.

The best way to contest a drug driving charge is to contact the professionals at Repute Law. Our Senior Drug Driving Lawyers in Sydney can fight for your rights and defend your reputation in a Court of law. Call us today to learn more.

Any conviction received by the Court remains on your permanent criminal record. After 10 years and no further offending, it will become spent. Call Repute Law today to learn more.

You may continue driving after receiving a drug driving charge — unless the police serve you with an immediate suspension order. Unless and until you are convicted in a Court of law, you may be able to maintain your privilege to drive.

There are circumstances in which the Court may not proceed to conviction. This would generally arise from a charge stemming from a routine interception with no allegation of adverse driving and with the accused having a good driving record. Also, there is a compelling need for a licence so it can be demonstrated to the Court that a conviction and loss of licence is not warranted or required and would be out of proportion to the offending.

A conviction for drug driving requires the police to prove you drove a vehicle with the presence of drugs in your system. This is determined by a roadside drug test involving you giving a saliva sample on a swab. Your driving does not need to be impaired, rather it is enough just to have the drug in your system.

Diving under the influence of drugs (DUI) is a more serious offence and occurs when a person uses or attempts to use a motor vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs. This may be established by the observations of police or other witnesses, as to a person’s driving, appearance, conduct, speech, mannerisms such as walking and steadiness, or any other aspect of their behaviour. In certain cases, such as after an accident, blood and urine tests may be taken to determine if you are affected by drugs.

Let our Senior Drug Driving Lawyers in Sydney help you and determine if there are any possible defences, technical or otherwise to your charges and what may be done to avoid a conviction or loss of licence.

The penalties for a drug driving offence depend on the circumstances of your offence, dangers to other road users, your prior criminal history and whether this is a first offence. The Court must also give a sentencing discount of up to 25% if you plead guilty.

Senior Drug Driving Lawyers can represent your best interests after you receive a criminal charge. Not only can they fight for your rights and reputation, but they can also help you avoid steeper penalties and potentially life-changing consequences. Call Repute Law to connect with a Senior Defence Lawyer.

You should immediately contact Repute Law so we can ensure that this is addressed. A wrong drug driving charge is a serious matter and you need an experienced lawyer to ensure that the case is dismissed and that the police pay for your legal costs. You can call Repute Law’s legal hotline at 1800 888 228 to defend yourself from a wrongful drug driving charge.

Firstly, you should only plead guilty if you accept responsibility for the offence and agree with the police summary of what happened. If you do plead guilty, the Court will hear an outline of your case from the police, and then they will hear from your lawyer.

In an appropriate case, a plea of guilty can give a sentencing discount of up to 25%, which is a significant reduction. You should not plead guilty without first obtaining legal advice. If you decide to plead guilty to a drug driving charge, you may be sentenced immediately and left with serious penalties. It’s important to discuss the options available to you with a trained Senior Drug Driving Lawyer from Repute Law.